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Intimate Wedding at Isaak Walton Inn, Essex, MT | Eric & Kelsi

June 15th, 2019

Izaak Walton Inn

Essex, Montana

I met Eric & Kelsi a little over a year prior to their wedding for engagement photos.

They were expecting their second child together, and were very obviously head over heels for one another

Skip to their wedding day....

It was forecasted to be partly cloudy, with a chance of rain...what wasn't forecasted was the car accident outside of Hungry Horse, that caused the bride to be late!

The forgotten flower girl dress that was only noticed to have been forgotten when the bride stopped at her house to grab something else, and the "chance" of rain that turned into TWO short lived torrential downpours! One of them being right before the bride was to make her entrance!

All in all, it was a relatively laid back and stress free event.

They proved to be a very easy, go-with-the-flow couple.

Their day was perfect.

Their love is what inspires songs.

And I am so honored they felt they could trust me to document and share their day with them and all their closest family and friends.

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