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My 5 Favorite Products


I'll start here with my camera harness...

I got this from Desired Leather on Etsy, instead of going with the Holdfast Moneymaker. After hearing many people's issues with the Moneymaker pinching and pulling hair, I opted for this one from Desired Leather because of it's design. Ergo no pinching or pulling! Great quality PLUS it's personalized!


The Creatives Planner

This is a must have every new year! My life would be in shambles without this planner.


This is more of a 3-in-1

A good pair of shoes...

I have my 3 go-to shoes for different types of shoots/locations.

Dansko makes some of the best shoes I've ever had. And there has never been a breaking in period. Perfect from the get-go.

Rothy's are SO comfortable, super stylish AND MACHINE WASHABLE!

Keen makes a great hiking shoe. The only thing I'll wear trekking through the wilderness.


Click Magazine is my favorite subscription.

There are too many good things about it to mention...seriously look it up.


Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses

Your's Truly sporting my Cyxus glasses

These glasses have saved me from many screen induced headaches/migraines.

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