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What You Need To Know About Having A Photographer Come To Your Home

Scheduling an in-home session can be both exciting and stressful.

I mean really, your home is one of the best places to have a shoot.

There's so much more meaning and a natural comfort by being in your own home. And then there's the looming worry of wanting your home to be perfect for the day of your shoot.

Here are few things to know about your photographer coming to your home for a session.

It's not about how spotless and polished your home is, it's about the atmosphere! There is no need to bust it, trying to make everything perfect for the camera.

Honestly, you probably won't even notice the difference between a clean or a picked up home on camera.

I shoot with a very shallow depth of field, so everything just fades away, and all you're left with is an image of the most important part, you!

That being said, I do recommend just picking up messes, like dishes, laundry, etc.

I often encourage kids to play with their favorite toys, or we play games to get good interactions. So, having a few toys out is no biggie either.

I'm there to document you and your life, in your home. Think of it as, romanticizing your home with the life inside.

A couple other things that you should be ready for is the possibility of moving furniture, temporarily, to frame and get the best light.

We will also be using any and all natural light available in your home, such as windows, doorways, etc.

The scheduling for an in-home shoot is much more relaxed than an outdoor shoot as well. So, if late afternoons are questionable, consider doing an in-home shoot!

Pretty much any time of the day (as long as there's daylight) is doable.

There, that's it! Not much fuss, and your shoot will be fun, relaxed and will add to the memories you already have in your home.

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