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I remember growing up, scouring through the many boxes of National Geographic magazines my mom had collected over the years. While she used the images for inspiration for her paintings, I imagined trekking the world like these photographers, and capturing the soul of the people of the world.

I still have that dream,  and at the same time I feel like I am already living it.

I am blessed to be able to fulfill myself while serving others....

My passion is all things motherhood, and the many transformations we endure.

Before the baby years, maternity, BIRTH, all the things post-partum, the child rearing years, and back again through self-acceptance of all of the stages we go through as women. The ups & downs. The pain, tears, joy, mourning, bliss, and all the little weird moments we find ourselves in. I'm here to help you see the BEST of it, find comfort in the soul of your images, and to help you HEAL from anything you take away from or feel through your imagery.

*Images below taken by Aundrea Marie Photography

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