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Maternity Photography in Kalispell Montana | Liz

First off... Sunset's on lakes, are THE best summer everything. Then add a maternity photography, and it's magic.

Sunset maternity photography on lake

This relationship started as a model call.

I reached out to Liz through a mutual friend, and she was all for helping me create this vision in my head.

A "madonna cooling in the water" (cue Greek accent),

Was sort of the theme running through my mind.

Pollen littered the top of the water, which at the time, was kind of gross. LOL.

But it sure did something for the texture of the water while I was editing.

This was one of those galleries,

where I kept pausing to stare and praise the heavens above.

Everything I was hoping to get, was got.


A few months later...I got to meet the most perfect little gem.

You can hop on over and view that newborn HERE.

So here we are...

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