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Top 5 Photo Gifts

This is a list of my favorite products and where to get them.

Not in any specific order really.

Mootsh Photos

The moment I heard of this subscription, I fell in love. It's so simple and is everything I want, to keep up on printed memories.

From your phone or camera, it doesn't matter. Just the memories sent to you every month on quality paper, in beautiful packaging.

Artifact Uprising

Not specifically one item, as they make many fantastic quality, and reasonably priced products.

I've used them in a pinch for client orders and was not disappointed.

Kidmento Camera

This is on the list for my kids.

After getting the Fujifilm instax, which gets spendy refilling the polaroids. This seems like a much more cost-effective option, especially since kids are the opposite of frugal.

And they're beyond cute!

Still Novel

These are the cutest IMO, for newborns and birthday milestones.

I've seen people using them for pets, anniversaries etc.

I REALLY need to get a few myself.

Unraveled Academy

Hands down the BEST photography community I have been a part of.

The best courses, workshops, and people to work with.

For the aspiring and seasoned photographer.

K, well, I hope this has helped a bit, if you're looking for some ideas for gifts. And if all else fails, grab a gift card!

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